16 Humidor Things You Didn’t Know About Mustaches


For ages, mustaches have been regarded as the symbol of power, strength and masculinity. In modern times, even with a lot of men shaving regularly, mustache is still famous, and is gaining popularity in men’s fashion. You may have been wearing a mustache for years. But here are 16 things you probably didn’t know about it.

  1. The only king without a mustache in a deck of cards is, the King of Hearts. Don’t believe it? Just check the deck of cards present in humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, you will find that it is true.
  2. A mustache can balance your facial look. If you have thick hair on head, or a fat nose, you can grow a mustache to make yourself look better. Also it depends on the style as well. And preferably, you should not go for the style that makes you look funny.
  3. A healthy diet can improve the growth of your mustache. Eating healthy quantity of biotin, a vitamin that is known to promote hair growth, can be very helpful. For this purpose, make sure you include eggs, bananas and nuts in your diet.
  4. Your facial hair will not fall with aging. But beware, your mustache will most probably start turning gray before your head hair, in case you don’t become bald by that time. Facial hair show signs of aging earlier than head hair.


“You can find humidor of any size and material. They are generally made from a base trunk humidor made of wide variety of wood, including but not limited to pine, cherry, oak and cedar. Since the ancient times those humidors were made from wood and covered with leather, canvas or paper, plain or embossed tin. The “upholstering” was meant for decorative and protective purposes. The interior was covered with paper, fabric, canvas, and sometimes was divided into compartments. The handles were made either from metal or leather, and the humidors had brass locks. They also were in different styles. The main two categories were: domed and flat.”

  1. On an average, your facial hair grows 0.4 mm in a day. It means that in about four months, you can have a 5 cm long mustache. But for that, put the shaving equipment in your humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, and let the mustache grow.
  2. Can a mustache be a romance killer? May be, because it is illegal for a man having a mustache to kiss a woman in Eureka, Nevada, USA. So make sure to have clean shave before you go there.
  3. Mustaches help in filtering the air while breathing. So they do have some benefit apart from looks.
  4. The act of grooming and growing a mustache has been given a name, Pogonotrophy.
  5. Men love their mustaches. On an average, a man having a mustache touches it 760 times a day.
  6. Mustaches can make a man look attractive. A recent study showed that most women find men with mustaches more masculine, strong and sophisticated.
  7. Facial hair contains a different type of pigmentation than other body hair. So it is very possible that your mustache has a different color and texture than your head hair.
  8. In older films, thin, pointed and twisted at ends type of mustaches were the best choice to give an evil look to the villain.
  9. In India, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, policemen with mustaches are paid higher than those without it. They believe that having a mustache commands authority, power and respect.
  10. Every year the month of November is celebrated as the Mustache November (Movember). During this month, men all over the world grow their mustache to bring awareness towards testicular and prostate cancer.
  11. Mustaches are known to grow faster than any other body hair type. Also their growth rate is higher during summer and spring time. But make sure you have necessary facial hair care products in your personal wooden trunk box. Just like head hair, facial hair also need care and nutrition.
  12. On an average, a man wastes about five months of his life on shaving, assuming that he starts doing it at the age of 14.

After reading the above things, hopefully you are feeling proud of your mustache by now.


“The domed humidor had high-arched lids that came in a variety of shapes – camel-back, hump-back, barrel-top, etc. In ancient times during the journeys flat-top humidors were usually at the bottom of the pile of humidor because of their flat surface. It was known that the domed humidors were generally owned by wealthy people, as the domed humidors were put on top of other humidors. Hey, wouldn’t it be good to own one of those domed humidors? Also, there were smaller sizes, which were known as “lady humidors”, due to their size and light weight.”

For a good understanding of taking care of your brand new humidor watch this video:

Get A Classy Humidor Look with a 3 Piece Suit

For any man looking for a smart, nicely-cut and tailored suit, the best bet would be a 3-piece suit also referred to as the vested suit. A 3-piece suit is an essential package for a man’s stylish wardrobe mostly because of its distinctive and elegant style. Due to its obvious merits this suit is a must for men who are keen on adding class and style to their dress wardrobe. It’s a piece of dress wear that is mainly worn when attending formal occasions such as business meetings but it can also be worn for social functions such as weddings. This kind of a suit can be folded nicely and stored in a humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors to avoid creases.

A 3 piece suit is commonly sewn as a slim-fit or rather skinny fit.

This means that the suit should be sewn to fit the one wearing without unnecessary hanging. The waist coat especially should be distinct and sewn to fit. It should come in at the narrowest part of the body. It should also have straps at the back to adjust to the wearer’s body so as to fit closely. To make sure that the chest doesn’t appear constricted, the neckline of the waist coat should be broad. The waist coat shouldn’t cover the fabric of the shirt collar. The top of the waist coat should also be high enough to be visible when the jacket is closed. If it’s hidden from view then there would be no point in calling it a 3 piece suit. This suit is best worn with a neck tie that is not too large and the knot should be tied with care. If you opt for a normal tie make sure that its ends doesn’t stick out from under the waistcoats bottom. You can tuck it beneath the trousers to avoid looking absurd. All these pieces of clothing worn together with the suit can be stored in a humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors where they can be reached easily.
This 3 piece suit is the most versatile wardrobe pieces that a man can own. It can be worn in many different ways but still stand out and look unique. You can wear it as an unbroken stretch. This means wearing the suit in full without breaking it. This look makes a bold statement and gives a masculine image full of power. This look is best when attending formal matters like business. People tend to respect a manager more who is spotted with a 3-piece suit. Then you can wear the jacket and the pants. This look is classic and looks great on most anyone. A groom could pull this look in the evening party after a long day with the full suit at the wedding. To look good in this look make sure your shirt is a nice match. You could also wear the waistcoat and the pants and leave out the jacket. Make sure the waist coat fits closely to the body which you can do by tightening with the straps at the back of the coat. Ensure that your shirt is on point and pull out this elegant slim silhouette. If you didn’t know a waist coat adds extraordinary elegance to an outfit. Adding accessories to your look would be okay. If you think you might lose your expensive accessories you can store them in the humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors together with the suits.

The other simple ways to wear your 3 piece suit is breaking it completely. You can wear a plain waist coat and letting it serve the purpose of a blazer. This is best worn for a casual date. Wear this on your first date to leave an impression. You can simply finish the look with a pocket fold. Always remember to leave the button at the button unbuttoned. You can also wear the pants separate with a matching shirt well tucked in. Wearing the jacket alone is a bit tricky since the jacket is very formal-looking. If you have an eye for being your own designer you can pull this design but in a playful approach. Store all this pieces in a humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors so that they don’t get lost.

The colors that are most common with 3-piece suits are black, brown, grey, and blue. These are the commonest but they should not limit you to choosing other colors of your choice. Go for any color that you love but avoid bright colors. Brightly colored coats are not common with serious men. You can cross match colors but you should be advised to do it in soft tones. Choose colors that contrast well but don’t overstate you. Always be keen where you keep your suits. A humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors is most ideal for storage. A 3 piece suit still is a great fabric for your wardrobe. With its great versatile nature on how it can be worn but still retaining its formal elegance this is best suit to purchase. It will add elegance to your feel leaving you feeling powerful. Standing out from the crowd is a wonderful feeling for anyone. This kind of a suit needs great care and you can store it in a humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors together with all your accessories.

As you probably know, in the old times our grandparents and great-grandparents owned wonderful humidor, which they used for storage in their homes, as well as for travelling purposes. Have you ever noticed how the oldest items become a novelty for the new generation and acquire a new meaning and usage, becoming an inseparable item in our everyday life? The same way those old-fashioned wooden chests appeared with a new meaning and a new look in our times. If in the old times our ancestors used those humidor only for storage and travel, nowadays their usage has expanded significantly.

You can use the wooden humidors in your living-room as a coffee table, to create an antique vintage look, or in your bedroom as decorative storage for extra bedding and pillows. Their capacity allows you to use them as books’ and toys’ storage, too. These humidor will be a big helper in your kitchen, by offering storage for your extra pots, pans, and why not, fruits and vegetables. In the bathroom they can be used as storage for all those towels you didn’t know where to put. What about the great treasure hunt? Yes, you guessed it! Put “treasure” in the humidor, hide it somewhere, preferably in the garden, and keep your children busy for a couple of hours. Your children will love that game, especially if you provide them with a detailed map, too. In any case, the humidor are a great thing to have at home and in the garden; and you will never want to get rid of them!

How Humidor to Grow and Maintain a Mustache


Even if nowadays

we see few mustaches, especially on young faces, we asked a well-known barber

to give us some advice about growing a mustache. This will be useful

information if one morning we wake up with the idea of growing a mustache, and

can be really useful even for those who already decided to grow a mustache, but

have no idea where to start and how to maintain it. No matter if you want a full,

light, Salvador Dali style or classic style mustache; the specialist revealed

us some of the tips on how to make this dream come true.


So here’s how to

grow and maintain a mustache in 5 easy steps. It all begin with a quality

humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, cigar boxes, used to deposit all the products and grooming utensils needed

for this purpose.


Now, let’s see the steps:


  1. The first thing to do is to arm ourselves with patience and precision:



It is useless to say how important measurements are for having a perfect

mustache. This is a fundamental step for the final result and you should pay a

lot of attention to it. First, take a comb from the previously mentioned wooden

box trunk, lean it in the area below the nose (that of the mustache) and take

measures in order to have a reference point in a horizontal line or oblique line, depending on the shape of the lip.

Once the measure is taken, begin to trim the edges of the mustache at the height

of the lip.



  1. Scissors, shaving & Co: it’s time to get even


Once the edges are cut, proceed with the usual shaving of the beard. For the

good maintenance of the mustache is now necessary to get the help of a scissor

(found in the same humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, cigar boxes). Pay high attention to this step also. You

have to equalize along the border between the upper lip and mustache, making

sure you do not have any bits of remained beard that superimpose the upper lip.

To make it clearly, you should remove all the beard that is close to your lip,

without damaging the mustache.



  1. Full mustache or light mustache, which

one should I choose?


Depending on the type of beard you have you

must decide whether to grow a full, thick and important mustache or a lighter

one. In the first case, the mustache must

only be even below. In the second case it thins or better, as well as making it

even, you must also cut the part of the excess hair, with the help of a comb, above

which you are going to cut directly. After the procedure is done, don’t forget

to place the comb back into the humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, cigar boxes.


  1. Cleaning and tools.

To avoid hurting yourself, the best would be to use a short scissors of about 4-5

  1. To clean the mustache, you must use

the blade and “clean” at the meeting point between the upper and

lower lips (this for the classic model of a mustache). Before depositing the

scissors inside the humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, cigar boxes, it would be the best to place the

scissors into a smaller box. This way, you will avoid getting hurt with its

sharp point when getting out other products or grooming tools.


  1. Care: creams and balms

Compared to beard, the mustache requires more efforts for maintaining purposes:

you must adjust the mustache at least once a week and it requires much more

cleaning. There are many commercial conditioners and balms that can be used with

or without rinsing, created mainly for those who have an important length of

the mustache. As for the care, the mustache must be washed exactly as the hair,

using shampoo, then moisturized with

creams. If you have grown a long mustache and want to give it a determined

shape, on the market are many waxes that will help you with this. For example,

if you have a grown mustache and you dream of making it rolled tips (like

Salvador Dali), the only way to achieve this shape is with the help of quality

mustache wax. You can deposit the care products in the same humidor, cigar humidor, cigar box, humidors, cigar boxes

together with the grooming utensils, or you can place them in a different box.